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Do you suspect your child has a cavity?

Whether your child is suffering from mouth pain or the dentist informs you that your child has tooth decay, it's never a fun topic to discuss. But, it happens! If caught early enough, sometimes a dental cleaning, fluoride treatment, good oral hygiene and proper nutrition can be enough to have the enamel repair itself. If the decay has progressed too far it will now become a cavity. Cavities are decayed areas that develop into tiny holes that will need to be filled to prevent further damage.

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Cavity Prevention Tips:

  • Brush twice a day and floss once a day
  • Limit sugary substances
  • Keep up with your child’s six month dental cleanings
  • Have your dentist apply dental sealants previous to decay
  • Healthy, nutritious diet
  • Fluoride dental treatments and toothpaste
  • No smoking (yes, unfortunately we have to remind kids of this too)

Some parents become frustrated with these tips. This is because either their kids are small and they are diligent about the above or their kids are old enough to take care of their teeth and they believe they do a great job. And, they may be right. Unfortunately, genetics, shape of teeth, parent’s dental history and general body chemistry all come into play when we discuss cavities. As a parent, don’t stress if you feel this is you. Take control of what you can – hygiene and diet and the rest can be handled with good dental care.

Tooth Colored Dental Fillings for Kids

Little Pearls Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics provides tooth colored dental fillings for children of all ages. Once decay has settled into the tooth, it will need to be removed so that it does not spread. If we catch this early enough, we can often avoid a toothache for your child. Once the decay is removed and the area is cleaned we will place a mercury-free filling for your child. Your child does not need to be embarrassed by having metal in their mouth. Previously, silver or amalgam fillings were used in children but we now use tooth-colored fillings which work just as well and provide better aesthetics. No one will notice they had a cavity and hopefully we can keep their self-esteem intact.

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